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Most company CIO or IT director worries are focused around hardware and software maintenance and securing of company’s data. Companies without trusted infrastructure service and managed solution partner suffer loses when unexpected interruption of hardware or software function occurs. Advanced technology does not prevent storage or server unexpected failure, therefore servicing and back-up plans should be put in place for smooth running of daily businesses, to avoid loss of any kind.

Third-party maintenance providers are part of the managed solution partner that has maintenance package with recovery plans for unexpected future eventuality, they provider strong back plans for all hardware, software and network services. Companies that employs the services of  third party maintenance vendors enjoys certain benefits that companies who dare to handle their own hardware/software or network maintenance will not have.

Benefits of Using Third Party Maintenance (TPM) Provider

TPM providers are your trusted infrastructure service partner that handle all business IT supports, network support, network services, server maintenance and resolves hardware/software issues. Here are some benefits of using TPM service for business running. Find your trusted infrastructure service partner journey has better options finally.

Decrease Costly downtime

Devices downtime negatively affects business output, when there is device breakdown or network, server or power outage business will drag. If the downtime lingers long before maintenance or solution is provided to the problem, the company’s revenue generation reduces and eventually ceases. Each delay moment result to a level of loss to the company. Losses incurred during downtime cannot be recovered, when you choose to go  for cheap servicing from unprofessional services providers, you end up incurring more cost because amateur handling of equipment  or servers will not offer the type of servicing your business need to avoid downtimes. Therefore the best bet is to avoid any form of downtime and boost business out is to engage third party maintenance- TPM professional for all network or server diagnoses, hardware servicing and fixing of all IT related problems. When your business or company has a maintenance contract agreement with TPM providers, fast response to downtime is sure as TPM providers will be at your service with just a call. TPM is a guaranteed proactive approach to guide against downtimes as a managed service provider.

Reduce Risks

To keep up your business reputation, every work device has to be in good shape. Using TPM services reduces all business reputation risk and skeptics from customers. Smooth run of business service makes customer feel free and safe to repeat use of business products and services. TPM 24/7 IT supports service and maintenance does not only reduce decrease costly downtime but also reduce risks of reputation or image damage. Fast responses to fixing device or server downtimes when customers are using your services or performing transaction also boost your business image or reputations. Save your company the risk of tarnished image by using third party maintenance vendor service. Ensure that the TPM provider that you choose has 24/7 response service offer to stay risk free.

Improved efficiency

With the government regulation compliancy of TPM technicality vendor offers, business efficiency is assured. Third party maintenance providers are willing to hear from customer and advantage of getting advice from them and involving them in planning enhances overall device and personnel working efficiency. The productivity of staff is dependent on smooth running of work equipment and TPM vendor makes that their priority for companies and business firms that use their services. TPM providers run check at intervals on data storage efficiency, hardware, software and all IT related channels to diagnose possible problem and put plans in place to fix before hand to ensure smooth business operation.

Increased Revenue by Saving Cost

Business IT support infrastructure are usually expensive to buy, after purchase, maintenance of such IT equipment also cost so much. But with TPM vendors taking up this part of the managed services, you do not have to purchase global IT infrastructure to be at the cutting edge business IT operations. If you want to purchase your own equipment, TPM provider can supply equipment with original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties at low cost or you can choose to hire both the experience skilled personnel and equipment form TPM at about half purchase cost. Hiring IT equipment from TPM providers many times comes with maintenance warranty. In the end the company saves operation, purchase and maintenance cost and increases revenue. Increased revenue by saving purchase/operation cost depends on the TPM service package and hires. Axentel TPM providers are unique as they are happy to come on site and join have business discussions and planning with your company. When you have used Axentel TPM services for a while, you can enjoy the most neutral advice to the customer as a long term business partner.

ALL in One Service Offers

Third-party maintenance (TPM) providers give you all in one service offers that streamlines and consolidate your IT support system. All your companies’ data storage, network server or network support, equipment purchase, hardware maintenance, installation and all IT support needs can be handled by one trusted TPM. This will save the CIO or IT director all the headache of OEM warranties check and tracking, contract creation with multiple vendors, keeping tracks of several IT support contacts etc. with one trusted TPM infrastructure service partner, your every CIO or It leader will have hassle free IT operation and easy data accounting process.

Axentel Third party maintenance (TPM) provider the trusted infrastructure service partner and as a managed solution partner that every company should have because of its reputation in handling IT services, managed solution, professional work force (staff), prompt response to maintenance call, good TPM service package, IT technicality achievements, strategic planning skills and many more.

Facts and validation against technicality achievements are still best to hear from a TPM like Axentel. This is what makes Axentel unique as they are happy to come on site and join the discussions and planning, giving the most neutral advice to the customer as a long term business partner. Customers feedback on services rendered, rating and users reviews are always welcomed on Axentel website for perspective customers to read about Axentel service credibility.

Other TPM service key capabilities to look out for before you hire any are:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Network-certified engineers
  • 24×7 technical support/helpdesk
  • 24×7 onsite-responsiveness
  • High rate of customer retention
  • Whole Equipment and spare parts supply services
  • Industry recognition and experience in the market
  • Technical certification such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and WEEE-certification

Find your trusted infrastructure service partner today.

Jerry Yiu