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As the CEO, CIO, COO, IT manger, do you face some of these IT Challenges?

  • Majority time spent on low value but urgent tasks like desktop support or break fix issues
  • Fighting to increase manpower with limited IT budget
  • Lack of time due to “fire-fighting” daily to provide more strategic solutions
    Need some advises from expert like CIO how technology can help more but can’t justify the budget
  • Need night shift or overseas manpower support but can’t locate appropriate personnel or lack of budget
  • Want to ensure business continuity (password, config, asset list etc) however when people move on there always seem to be a problem
  • Want to upgrade engineer skills but lack of time & resources so can’t meet new technology requirement

Whether you’re the owner or IT director, we know you face many technology challenges on a daily basis as technology is just changing too fast – hard for SME & Mid size companies to keep up and have the same resources as the MNC when it comes to IT spending & resources.

From cloud computing, server virtualization and desktop management to regulatory compliance, data security, you really require a team of experts to give you best practices so you can use technology to benefits your organizations through increase efficiency & cost saving.

Why Managed IT solutions?

It’s simple- pay less with more! Our managed service solutions deliver proactive IT managed solutions through a flat fee model so you will probably be paying a small flat fee in exchange for a virtual IT department & CIO to serve you 24/7 or whatever your SLA we agree. We will become an extension of your company as your virtual team to ensure all daily operation is running smoothly as well as providing high level consultation to assist you in planning for future expansion based on your business requirement and project. Our fee structure is simple & you don’t like it you can cancel anytime – no question ask.

Our Standard coverage (SLA can be customized upon customer’s request)

Standard Features Description
Networking Control Monitoring and continuing maintenance of your LAN, WAN, domain, and VPN

24×7 Response Technicians are available around the clock to resolve your IT support issues

Unlimited User HelpDesk Unlimited helpdesk services for PC users, included in your monthly fee

Onsite Response Technicians are dispatched to your office when IT support issues arise

Remote Response Technicians work remotely on your network to resolve issues

Network Maintenance Preventative maintenance plan with allowance for client support requests

IT Asset Lifecycle Management Ongoing upgrades, replacement and disposal of all hardware and software

Security Necessities A secured network perimeter. policies and managed virus protection

Backup Essential Monitoring the success of your onsite backup solution

Complete Server Monitoring Monitoring of the health and performance of your servers and shared applications

Outsourced CIO Business impact reporting, IT optimization, regular client briefing and analysis

Please let us know your requirement and our consultant will contact you shortly for a discussion.

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