Prevention and best practice


Usually, data is lost because there is no adequate procedures of workflow and backup strategies. Not saving work and having proper backups will cost the organization much in the short or long run. We are referring to the lack of data center as a service.

Types of damages done

There are various damaging malware and viruses that attack computers daily. It is great to be connected to “worldwide network” but, it exposes the computers to diverse severe risks. The “damages” done are different. Most of the viruses impacts negatively on the internet connection, software and stored data. A huge threat to data center as a service.

Hard drives encounter mechanical damages too. The hard drives of computers are very delicate and so break down regularly than other device that is connected to the computer.

It is important to know that the actual cost of data storage is the ability to operate the solution for many years, which saves the company some costs. Network or data storage breakdown affects organizations as the bank, social media and other relevant industry. On this basis, there must be understanding of operational costs: “third party support, personnel, monitoring and the possibility of data loss”; all these carries costs. Therefore, do not allow the dread of upfront-costs order the needed right decision.

The best practice is to prevent break down of the company’s server or hard disks, and this is done by engaging a third party maintenance establishment to cover data center as a service intensively. “Axentel” is a third party maintenance organization that has the right investment and right scale as a one-stop shot support for data storage break down.

“Preventative” Computer-Maintenance

The appropriate manner to handle problems is to curb it from occurring at all. This is the reason preventative maintenance is very crucial. The main aim of preventative maintenance is to minimize failure of hardwares, system crashes, elongate the system’s life and problems of software. The programs of an adequate preventative maintenance encompass security of the system, periodic software and hardware servicing, “steps” to maintain tidiness of the computers and complete backup plan to complete a perfect data center as a service plan.

Best Practices to Secure Data

When it comes to data storage break down, the risk is high for organizations. The loss ranges from business loss, notification costs to the negative impact on the company and disregard of loyalty to customers. There is a thumb up generally for companies because the risk can be minimized. In order to dodge paralysis of operations, leaders need to have some guidelines, which are:

Handling and protection of sensitive data

The rules enacted to secure data functions when employees abide by the instructions.

Establishing a broad data loss protection plan

The protection plan should be distributed to all in the organization, so that knowledge of what to do when there is a breach is handy. Doing this will make the regulators and “consumers” know that steps have been taken to handle data storage break down.

Periodic risk assessment

The company should undertake risk assessment periodically using internal audit and third party maintenance organization.

On this wise it is important to have a third-party maintenance company, expertise in data security and analysis of risk-level and “exposure”. Making use of a third party corporation reduces costs.

Third party maintenance (TPM) provider focuses on maintenance of storage devices, tape backup and servers that are usually seen in the data “centre”. The provider certainly will understand the inherent needs of the customers. TPM delivers “first-call” resolve services and ranks the best as all the problems are fixed in a giffy. A TPM does Prevention and best practice better than multiple vendors as they are one stop shop.

AXENTEL third party support services

If you decide to partner with Axentel maintenance, you will receive the same level of support you would get elsewhere: there shall be practical monitoring of the systems to maintain its wellness; prompt delivery original parts needed to be replaced and quick response by experienced engineers; application and planning of hardware upgrade. Axentel provides Prevention and best practice in their profesisonal efforts.

Maintenance cost is reduced

Post-warranty extends the lifespan of theequipment by the contract of third-party maintenance. Prevention and best practice is important. Sales representatives will counsel for instant replacement of hardwares that gets to the EOL of the manufacturer.Equipment can be used for a long time if organizations permit maintenance providers. Also, up to 50% cash could be saved. This can be used for other relevant projects.

Third party maintenance makes a difference

Axentel conveys maintenance services along with a post warranty support which has been planned to surpass the customer expectations:TPM make direct helpdesk accessible to the class of level-3 engineers which implies that the fixing time is minimized.

There are sufficient engineers in our team that gives technical-support call to each customer, who at same time ensures the right fix is carried out within the shortest possible time.

The engineers have been given authority to swap or replace hardware when necessary so that protocols don’t escalate downtime. The average time of resolving the problem is below eight minutes. Axentel third party maintenance renders service that will make your business function easily and also, cost effective.


Axentel, a third party maintenance provider, maintains network equipment, data storage in servers, hard disks and IT help desk. The essence of engaging a third party maintenance provider is to reduce total cost in the customer’s organization and for effective servicing of their clients. Important industries such as the banks, social media and every other relevant industry is advised to engage third party supporters to boost their businesses and minimize overhead cost, by avoiding data storage break down.

When all IT equipment is placed under the maintenance of one third party provider, it becomes very easy to recognize the person to call so as to get a quality and prompt fiving. By this, Axentel could be the main provider to account for all existing and would be problems and also when called upon by clients,are on their hills to satisfy the customers. There won’t be need for team work, culminating in quicker repair and response.

Rather than inviting five third party vendors, call AXENTEL, a one-call will fix it right away. We apply total quality management in our services. We have engineers that are quite experienced that will fix the problem right the first time. The team of engineers, senior field and service engineers, brings their wealth of expertise and knowledge to meet the needs of customers through multiple stages.

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Jerry Yiu