Creative studio
based in New York.

We creates website templates at the intersection of technology, design, culture, and brand stories.

Powered by thorough code lines that allow the menu to organize smoothly into subsidiary menus, the Mega Menu helps display your categories.


Though shortcodes can handle tasks usually reserved for complicated code lines, it’s easier to use & adapt than any code line could hope to be.


All stages of content are associated with a flyout box, so from one you can pop in another anytime without travelling back to the menu bar.


See things in the best possible color. An advanced color picker allows you to freely try the colors until matching the spirit of your business.


Now with more to choose. Offering many portfolio and blog layouts, this versatile theme is designed to fit comfortably to your need.


Your Dione comes with a collection of free PSD templates right out of the box. From them you can develop a brand new theme your own way.

Why choose us?

Work is our favorite four-letter word. It’s also what defines us as a professional design company.

“You never get a second chance to make the first impression, so do it right. Pick Dione. It's the ultimate theme made for you.”

What our clients
talk about us?

Axentel has been providing considerable saving in supporting our Unix servers almost 4 times cheaper than the vendor without much difference in quality. We're able to get the spares we need from Axentel so we can continue to use legacy system for as long as our application still required to run on the Unix platform. It's good to have a choice.

A MNC customer from Axentel