Multiple assets with single TPM in asia

Information technology (IT) has many aspects that industries, enterprises, institutions and organizations harnesses for great work output.Modern businesses now operate with complex combinations of applications, several servers, network, multiple site and technologies as working tools. Hardly will you see a business firm today without personal computers (PCs) and technology monitoring solutions as vital work tools and service professionals.

Axentel has cross vendor technicality to maintain networking equipment and has a fantastic OSS setup from raise of ticket, turnaround time and update of inventories with serialization accuracy and routine review with customers. All at low cost with increased efficiency. As a third party maintenance provider, multiple assets with single TPM in asia is achievable.

Owning multiple sites and multiple equipments that will meet the organization’s demand is not enough, smooth running of all network equipment and the multiple sites also matters. Multiple assets with single TPM in asia is highly considerable.

The challenge of most organizations is usually with the technology equipment supply chain and maintenance. For organization running multiple site and equipment, they are also faced with maintenance issues for smooth running.

It is a common thing for organizations to have some IT challenges, but it becomes unprofessional and detrimental to let the IT related issue linger. Some organization’s IT Unit does not know the reliable source to go to for help. It is possible that the organizations CIO or IT directors may have tried some IT outsourcing companies or network support service providers that did not perform as expected.To find a good and experienced network cross vendor and service professional that delivers custom IT services can be tasking, as this will mean several IT service provider trials. However, if you are directed to the right IT solution source, smooth and stress free running of the company’s multiple equipment is assure.

Critical needs and priorities for Organizations on IT related matters

Organization and business firms are increasingly depending on low cost network support, technical infrastructures (multiple equipment) and third party maintenance (TPM) provider for monitoring smooth runs of equipment and data storage. Storage and network equipment, multiple assets with single vendor in asia strategy is no doubt what TPM provider.

Any organization that wants to strive with the current IT trend needs reliable business IT support, network services and server maintenance amongst many other equipment servicing. Therefore, the critical needs and priorities for organization should include:

Owning Multiple Site

Many business owners and organizations who run both online and offline services own multiple site of focused niche to turnaround time. Many businesses have achieved huge success in SEO (search engine optimization-SEO strategy) with returns via multiple site ownership. To own multiple sites is tasking with great responsibility to make each site original without duplicating content and concepts. Due to duplicate issues and search engine penalties, organizations tend to run away from taking the step to own multiple sites. The good news for organizations and business owners with desire to own multiple sites is that there is an easy and safe way to own multiple sites with Axentel IT services.Axentel professionals will perform review andturnaround check on the organization site management, then give you a report on the needed turnaround timeline and project your return on sites investment. Some benefits of owning multiple websites managed and monitored by Axentel professional includes:

  • Increase of organization profitability.
  • Business spread and small focused niche branding
  • Your business or organization gains recognition and online presence
  • Enhanced or multiple channelmonetization

OSS setup

Businesses of all sizes today make use of Open Source Software (OSS) as priority for smooth operations. Many organizations with multiple site outlet operates on OSS-driven website because one can operation such sites at zero license cost and yet enjoy the many benefits that goes with owning a website.OSS site is one business solution that professionals are using for SEO success. At Axentel, experienced professional will give your business the boost it needs with OSS setup and will also give you professional advice on related expansion and IT strategies.

Mean Time between Failures-MTBF monitoring

Any organization without a MTBF monitoring plans is heading for IT doom. As the name implies,Mean time between failures (MTBF) monitoring is used by professionals to accurately estimate or project next probable equipment breakdown or failure so as to proffer maintenance before hand to avoid disruption of smooth work runs. With MTBF monitoring Axentel professionals can tell you how efficient or reliable your hard ware (equipment) are, and help you plan required maintenance schedules that is best for the equipment’s smooth operations. MTBF is sometimes included on equipment or product index (stated in project manual) to help users draw out maintenance plans. When equipment is not being used as stated by manufacturer, then using the MTBF stated in the product index will not be the appropriate maintenance plan for such equipment.

The safe action will be to hire professionals like Axentel who will perform in-depth MTBF testing and monitoring using the equipment age, equipment parts lifetime and frequency of use to design a maintenance plan to yield maximum efficiency.

Cost Saving with Multiple Equipment Acquisition

Even with MTBF monitoring, aged equipment can break down unexpectedly and cause operation delay that can have negative effect on business output. When this happens, the organization tends to run at a loss. The only option will be to procure net equipment to replace the old and dead ones. The common mistake CIO or IT directors make is to process quotation for replacement instead of processing for multiple equipment purchase via cross vendor technicality to maintain networking equipment.

Purchase of multiple equipments has long term benefit over buying just one that can serve the needed purpose. The work loads are usually too much on single equipment, and this result to early wear and tear, plus higher maintenance cost. In a short time, the equipment will pack up and the need for a new one will arise.

The best practice recommended for organizations cost saving on equipment is to go for multiple equipment acquisition from technical vendors at low supply cost. Many times these equipments are supplied with maintenance warranty. The organization saves big maintenance cost at the end. Axenteltechnical vendor service arm has equipment supply packages for business firm and organizations that will make multiple equipment acquisition every easy at low cost.

Regular maintenance services

Regular maintenance of any operation tool is critical and it should be on top of any organizations or business needs and priority list. Hardware, software and online operations require regular maintenance. The company’s output depends on the smooth run of operational arm. Many organizations spend so much on maintenance because they do not make use of IT vendors for site or equipment maintenance. There are maintenance schedulesthat will averagely save the company more than 50% of maintenance cost,base on multiple vendor equipment and multiple sites.Site owners and organizations are advised to explore vendor services for low cost and less complex maintenance challenges.

Axentel technical and monitoring network intelligently has ways and service packages that make owning multiple site and multiple equipmentso simple.Axentel has comprehensive and flexible Multiple Site Management skills/equipment that boosts overall performance of business operations.

Other benefits of engaging Axentel Intelligent-Site/Equipment Management services

  • Monitoring and Protection of business applications
  • Network downtime minimization
  • Quality maintenance services and customer custom offer considerations etc.
  • Supply service professional

Axentel has the appropriate set of tools and equipment for all your IT needs and for resolves all issues related to business IT support or process operations.

Jerry Yiu