Asset Recovery - Sell Us Your Unused Equipment

We turn your used IT assets into cash.

Most enterprises refresh their network infrastructure every 3-5 years and when they do, they nromally just throw away all their equipment to a recycling company. Rather than scrap, you can actually sell off your surplus asset and recoup must better return compared to scrap sales. In fact, some obsolete equipment might even worth higher than the new when there’s still demand in the market. As an expert in Asia in reuse IT & Telecom eqiupment, Axentel can provide an accurate market evaluation so you can decide the best solution to take. Sell us your unused equipment. We are happy to assist.

Why Axentel?

  • Quick evaluation
    We have a worldwide network of customers & resellers so we can evaluate your assets within 1-2 days.
  • High buy back value
    Axentel offers much higher return compared to traditional recycling option & we will pay cash for your equipment so it’s hassle free.
  • Convenience
    In case there’s some equipment that has resale value & some don’t, we can help you to contact recycling companies to get the best bid for the scrap value & provide you a one stop service.

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