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Reduce up to 70% of non-strategic expenditure on your Data Centre Equipment

Commencing in Singapore in 2005, Axentel has grown and expanded across the APAC region as an independent hardware supplier and maintenance service provider. ISO 9001 Certified and with a large team of vendor certified level 3 engineers, Axentel provides an industry leading warranty and regional support program with substantial cost and risk reduction while increasing operational quality and reliability.

Maximize capital investments
and refresh only on your terms

We extend the lifespan of your infrastructure investment for as long as you require without worry of vendor obsolescence

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What does Axentel Support?

Axentel provides round the clock support of the 4 major categories of technology across all brands.


Axentel has been providing considerable saving in supporting our Unix servers almost 4 times cheaper than the vendor without much difference in quality. We're able to get the spares we need from Axentel so we can continue to use legacy system for as long as our application still required to run on the Unix platform. It's good to have a choice.

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We will meet you, inspect and diagnose and provide you a predictable hardware extension to free your IT budget better. And we will provide the lowest risk and best

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Service strategy before signing a contract

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